Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dark Berry Lips - Drugstore

Now there aren't very many photos on today's blog post but I wasn't too sure how many ways I could photograph lipstick! And I am sorry about the open mouth, pouty face thing thats going on here!

With the Autumn/Winter weather approaching us now I decided to whack out the dark lips already, and this is my favourite dark berry drugstore lipstick! I also have a favourite high end berry lipstick, but I thought I could save that for another post.

This lipstick is the famous Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. I'm pretty sure everyone has spoken about this lipstick and now I'm joining in! I love the colour of this lipstick but the only downside is it can be drying on your lips as it is a matte lipstick so I would recommend using a lipliner first. But other than that I do really like the matte effect!

Please comment below your favourite drugstore dark lipstick!

Love El
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