Monday, 15 September 2014

Cousin's 21st - My Hair and Makeup

On Saturday the 13th of September I went out for my cousin's 21st birthday (his birthday is actually the 18th) and so I decided to do something a bit more interesting with my hair and makeup, and then, I decided to blog it!

My Makeup:

The general face makeup and eyelashes that I did was just the same as in my "Full Face of Makeup" blog post! And then for my eyeshadow I used the Dolce & Gabbana palette from my last blog post, using the light pink all over the lid and the burgundy shade in my outer corner! To tie the look together I used some of "Tease" from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette through my crease. And to be honest that was it, I didn't go super dramatic and smokey because I wanted the focus to be on my hair!

My Hair:

With the hair style I did you could really see my roots but hey ho it adds a little something least they match my eyebrows! Now this look is something you can do if you want that shaved head thing that people do like Ellie Goulding did, because who doesn't want to look like Ellie Goulding! But I did this style, well, just because. I'd actually done this french braid thing years ago and it popped into my head so I did it again! All I did to create it was to french braid from my hair line to just behind my ear and then continued into a normal plait to nearly the end of my hair and just clipped it to the back of my head! That's it! For the rest of hair I decided to curl with the biggest barrel of the NuMe Lustrum Set for this kind of wave look. (I intend on reviewing this curling set properly at some point) When using this barrel I took quite small sections so that there was extra texture, and surprisingly it didn't take long at all! Then just finish off with a bit of hairspray! 

This entire look, hair and makeup, is fantastic for me because it looks good but there was barely any effort and no complicated steps! I'm lazy and I accept it!

I certainly think I will be doing this hair look a lot more!

My Outfit:
Top - Asos
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood

Love El
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