Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Skincare Trio

I have realised that when it comes to my skincare, apart from when fighting those occasional pesky spots, I need a routine that is pretty gentle yet moisturising. I searched the internet high and low for information and research about what good quality skincare is out there, especially products that I can get hold of in the UK, and Neal's Yard popped up a lot. Of course I had heard of Neal's Yard before but never really looked into the brand, but after finding out about how natural their products are and that they are cruelty free I was even more intrigued.

When it comes to skincare I am pretty dubious as I have some pretty awful allergic reactions to skincare products that have left me with eczema and blisters around my mouth (it was even more grim then it sounds, resulting in courses of antibiotics and days off work). I don't really know what causes this and therefore am pretty wary. I've learnt that for me rehydrating products are what my skin craves the most and so the sound of Neal's Yard's Rehydrating Rose range sounded perfect for me. They have so many brilliant ranges and you can shop by your skin type, range or product on their website!
The toner is a new addition to my collection but I cannot wait to use it as the facial wash and moisturiser have been amazing for my skin. 
After using these products daily it is fair to say I have noticed a difference in my skin, it has a beautiful natural glow to it and (trying not to be too gross) my pores are no longer clogged! The first time I used these products, about 7 months ago, I was so shocked at how soft they made my skin, like an actual baby's bottom and that feeling has never gone.

Since using this as my daily morning skincare routine I have definitely had less spots, more moisturisation and so much glow to my skin. They may not be the cheapest skincare products on the market but you can see in the images how little the product has gone down in 7 months, so they are WELL worth the price tag.

These beautiful blue, glass bottles filled with luxurious products don't just look good on your shelf they really are pretty life changing for the skin, and I definitely can't see myself without them, EVER.

Have you ever tried Neal's Yard products before?

Love El
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