Monday, 19 June 2017

Good Hair Day

Good hair days...anyone else wish they happened more often?!
You treat your hair well and then it decides most of the time that it's going to be a giant frizz bomb or part on the side it shouldn't or it goes straight once you've curled it.

Well this was a hair day that did actually work out for me and I really liked the results so wanted to share this easy look with you!

First off I created the big bouncy curls by using the biggest attachment on my NuMe Lustrum set, to make this really simple just tie your hair up into a ponytail and then curl! Once all of the curls have cooled I like to them brush them out with a wide tooth come to make them more voluminous and sleeker.

I then grabbed a section from the crown of my head, that will become the section that you tie up. I knew that I wanted to be able to see the earrings I decided to wear so I kept adding more and more into the section, then tie it up with an elastic. After tying your hair up grab a stand from the underneath of the updo and tie it around the base to hide the hair band, then secure with a bobby pin.

To finish off the look I like to pull out some strands around the face to frame it better, and that's it! It's a great hairstyle to show off some beautiful earrings or to get the bulk of your hair away from your face.

Love El
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