Saturday, 10 June 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide

Now between you and me Father's Day always approaches A LOT quicker than I expect it to! (It's on June 18th in the UK this year just incase you've forgotten!)
With Father's Day approaching as quickly as it does that can then mean the on set of a panic as you suddenly think "What do I buy for the man who wants nothing but also has everything?!"

Well I am here to help, or if not completely help, at least give you some little pointers, hopefully!
If your dad is like mine and basically spends all of his time in the garden, then maybe raid his tool box/shed and see if there are any gardening equipment pieces that could do with an upgrade. I'm definitely not a total garden novice but I'm also not an expert so I did rope my mum in to give a little guidance with this one but apparently this is a great brand of gardening secateurs and I know my dad needs some new ones.
Most of the time my dad is in the garden but he spends even more time working extremely hard and therefore spends an awful lot of time in suits. One of his favourite brands is Alfred Dunhill and as he loves his cufflinks these are another great gift idea.
Every dad needs a pair of good sunglasses and a daughter to tell him what sunglasses actually look good and suit his face shape (I'm not one to ever judge put sometimes dads need to be nudged in the right direction!) There are so many good, classic brands out there like Ray-Ban, Oakley etc. but my dad found this Montblanc pair at Bicester Village.
There are definitely lots of dads out there that love fitness, whether that be running or cycling or something like that, this Garmin Forerunner 35 is a brilliant choice as there is no chest strap. You can connect it up with your phone, check your heart rate and see how many steps you've done that day! This watch is already in my dad's possession and being the big kid that he is I think his favourite part about it has to be trying to do as many steps as possible and also when it vibrates to tell you to MOVE!
I adore FoodNetwork, it is pretty much the only thing I watch on TV, and that means occasionally The Hairy Bikers is on the telly. Now they are an absolutely fabulous duo and I kept noticing just how much my dad was loving them, so one Christmas I thought on a whim I would buy him their autobiography (he's not a lover of cooking) and it went down an absolute treat. I don't think he realised just how much he loved them until he'd read it, me and mum didn't even have to read it he literally couldn't stop telling us all the details. Sometimes it pays off to just watch how families react to things and you'll find something they never even realised they'd love!
Of course a personal present is always extremely thoughtful and very much appreciated.
Grabbing your dad's favourite personal picture that maybe they've taken or it's a place they adore or of family, it's a brilliant idea to them get it printed onto a canvas so your dad can hang it up and admire their fave image everyday! I got this one printed at Jessops.

And finally, if your dad really isn't the materialistic type at all and nothing on the list would please him, then treat him to his perfect day out maybe concluded by a meal out or you cooking his favourite meal! 

Just spoil your dad on Father's Day, give him all of your love and make sure he has a brilliant day, family time is better than any gift you can buy.

Love El
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