Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Finding Motivation...

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Sometimes as humans we can totally loose motivation and I think it's fair to say that procrastination can be a thief of motivation; I know for sure I am NOT the only one that thinks that, therefore I'm going share a list of things that help to motivate me.
As someone that has never liked the thought of doing a job that has just been "expected" of me or a job that can seem, quite frankly, mind-numbing, I have to find motivation, especially when that involves working for yourself! I think it's fair to say that people can expect a lot of you and that can sometimes push you into doing things you don't want to do, but I have been determined, some may stubborn (to be fair I am Libra mixed with Scorpio), to follow my dreams and do an apparently "unconventional" job. The thought of not living my life to the fullest and happiest scares me and I can't imagine myself pursuing something just because someone thinks I should.

1. I NEVER understood why people made lists, I just didn't understand how writing a load of things down could help you to order your thoughts and calm life, they're just pieces of paper how can they help?! Oh how wrong I was, I started to write lists of things when I started at a work experience placement to help me to remember the task I had to do (the joys of having a bad short term memory) and I just became addicted. Having everything laid out can definitely help with motivation as everything is suddenly a calm and collected list rather than a whirlwind!

2. When the zero motivation kicks in, one thing that can definitely help is just to think of the reasons you started and the excited, happy feeling you have when doing something you love.

3. As I mentioned earlier people can judge no matter what the situation or what you are working towards, most of the time these people only want what they think to be the best for you but it can be dis-heartening and un-motivating. I know that feeling of thinking shall I give up and just do what these people want me to do? But the answer should always be no, you are living for you and if someone doesn't like it, TOUGH.

4. Set yourself manageable targets and think of how good it feels when you achieve them, you'll want to keep ticking things off.

5. Don't feel down hearted when something doesn't quite go the way you planned, remember bad things even happen to Beyonce, we may not know what those bad things are but believe it or not she is still human.

5. A good song or playlist to release some mood-enhancing chemicals and pump you up!

6. Allow yourself a break! Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and allow your body to stop. Pushing yourself is lowering the motivation, come back to the job in 30 mins, 1 hour, tomorrow and you'll do better than you would have done if you'd kept going.

Love El
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