Monday, 17 April 2017


You know when you visit somewhere that your favourite TV programme or film was shot and you become a total fan girl? Yeah, well that was exactly what happened to me and my best friend Jess when we visited Blockley.

If you read my second to last blog post then you will realise just how much I love The Cotswolds, and therefore one of my favourite programmes is Father Brown. Jess and I have been watching Father Brown for a little while now and we both love it, there's just something about The Cotswolds that truly feels like a giant hug.

Blockley and Blockley Church are just some of the settings for this programme and even though we have driven through the village many times we finally parked up and had a wander round (mums in tow, they're big fans of the show too). 

Of course, as one of the locations is a church you have to be sure to be respectful but as someone who has always been fascinated by churches and their architecture, this one was extra special.

Love El
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