Sunday, 1 May 2016

7 Places to visit in London

Recently I have fallen back in love with the idea of London.
I used to absolutely adore the place and went with my family very regularly but about 4 years ago every time I went I found the place a bit overwhelming and actually a little scary BUT that has changed recently and I'm going again in 2 weeks to celebrate my grandma's birthday by going to see The Railway Children at King's Cross Theatre with my family and have lunch at The Lighterman. (I'll have a blog post with my own images and let you know how the day went! I'm also planning my birthday with my friend Beth and hoping we can stay somewhere beautiful in London, bearing in mind my birthday's in October, excited much?)

But here is a list of 6 places I would recommend you visiting if you ever happen to go to London!

1. Notting Hill
Not only is the film absolutely brilliant but the houses and markets are beautiful.

(You can also visit 280 Westbourne Park Road to see the blue door/William Thacker's flat, but maybe try and not get a glimpse of Spike in his underwear! If you've never seen Notting Hill the film that'll sound very odd!)

2. Harrods/Selfridges
Now if you're going to do some department store shopping then there is no better place to spend that time then going to Harrods or Selfridges!

3. Fortnum and Mason
Fortnum and Mason's is another must see, even if you only walk around it to bask in it's beauty you must visit.

4. St Paul's
Whether that view is from the wobbly bridge (pictured below), where you can also conveniently see The Tate Modern at the other end or standing right outside the Cathedral, you'll want to see it. 

5. Old Bond Street
If you are wanting to do some designer shopping or beautiful widow shopping then look no further that the gorgeous location of Old Bond Street. The list of amazing designer shops on this street is endless, plus the cars that park down this street are also to be marvelled at!

6. Embankment
To really pack in some touristy features take a stroll along Embankment and you'll see The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Lambeth Bridge and of course The Thames. 

7. Buckingham Palace
After a walk down the beautiful Mall Road be sure to hello to Queen Elizabeth! Although by saying that I mean stand outside the beautiful gates gawping at the incredible property and wonder what's going on inside.

Now these are of course just a few incredible landmarks to visit if you happen to visit London, but if you do visit just be sure to always look around you because there is also some incredible architecture and, generally, it really is a stunning place to be.

Love El

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