Monday, 2 May 2016

How To: Enable Disqus comments on blogger (mobile version)

I was suddenly faced with a bit of panic after realising that once changing my blogger comments to Disqus, it had not worked for the mobile version and therefore comments were not working. I definitely had my 5 seconds of panic but then got straight to the Disqus website to try and work out exactly what was happening.
After searching google I found out that blogger's mobile version doesn't actually support Disqus comments, and so you either have to turn off the mobile version of your template, disable comments on your mobile version OR manually enable the Disqus mobile comments by editing your template HTML. The first 2 options I really didn't like the sound of and HTML's scare me BUT I went for the HTML editing path first (which worked very well).

Once you have installed Disqus comments (via their website) you will then end up with a widget on your blogger layout, mine looks like this:

Now in order to edit your HTML you need to go to template and edit HTML, although I would strongly advise saving and backing up your template first in case something goes horrible wrong.
When editing your HTML you need to find the section that says something along the lines of this: 
<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='Disqus for El Willmer' type='HTML'>

Once finding this you then need to type, after locked='false':

Then your HTML should look something like this:
<b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Disqus for El Willmer' type='HTML'>

(Obviously your HTML won't say El Willmer, it will be whatever is written on your Disqus Widget.)

Save your new HTML and you're done!
It was a little tricky for me to find this HTML section I was looking for but just read carefully and you will get there eventually, add in your new mobile bit and bob's your uncle it should work!

Love El
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