Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pictures That Can't Fail To Make You Happy...

So waking up at 2:05am on Thursday morning realising you haven't written a blog post for today is not a good feeling! 

I can't believe I didn't have one prepared, and I hate when people use the "I've been so tired and busy" excuse but that is literally me right now. I have kept to my schedule of Monday's and Thursday's for so long and I'm not letting that slip.

SO I have decided, with dark circles, blurry eyes and an exhausted head (thanks a lot for that work) that this blog post needs to be of images that can make everyone feel happy! As you may have just realised my job is making me feel sorry for myself and so now is a great time to look at some amazing photography and some cute animals - ENJOY!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, as much as my tired, stressed self is enjoying them right now!

Love El
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