Thursday, 10 September 2015

DIY - Sprucing Up An Old Mug

I saw this DIY on Pinterest and instantly thought "I need to do that, it's gorgeous."

Now I will admit I am a mug hoarder, there I said it I have a problem....BUT at least it can result in this post.

For this DIY you only need 3 items, and it only requires 3 steps, so lets get stuck in:

First the products you'll need are:

  • An old Mug
  • Spray Paint - I went for Copper from Hobby Craft
  • Some Masking Tape
The Steps:


You want to think up the pattern you want, I just copied the one from Pinterest. You then want to cover the are that won't be sprayed in masking tape.


Go to town on spraying that paint!
I definitely recommend the one I used, it dried so quickly and I am extremely happy with the final product.


In order to lock in the paint, I baked my mug at the lowest temperature on my oven (40°) for 20 minutes. Be very sure not to bake it too high as the spray does say extremely flammable but can go to temperatures of 120° but I definitely would NOT suggest that!!!

And you're done! You have your beautiful new - old mug!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!

Love El


  1. I literally tried this DIY from Pinterest the other week and it was such an epic fail for me haha, yours looks amazing! I even did the same pattern - so pretty! I love those colours :) x

    Angela | Sunday Chapter

    1. Abahaha that's so weird! Aww thank you :) x


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