Friday, 8 August 2014

Trentham Gardens

Yesterday my best friend, her mum, my mum and me all went on a day out to somewhere called Trentham Gardens, in Stoke-on-Trent. We have been here many times together and it has almost become a tradition to go!

It is such a beautiful place I thought I must write a blog post about it and take some pictures. Now Trentham is one giant garden BUT it's much more interesting than that, however just look at the view from the look out, it's beautiful.

As we started walking around the garden I thought these flowers looked really pretty and therefore got a couple of pictures.

Now the best thing about the gardens and I think I can speak for me and my best friend, Jess, when I say its the best, is the bare foot walk! It is apparently supposed to make you feel calm, but I can't really say it does, however it is a lot of fun!

Sorry about Jess being blurry, my mum can't work manual focus apparently! Two years ago this mud actually went up to our knees! 

I thought this picture of Jess showed perfectly how much it can hurt, from walking over gravel, torn up rubber, stones and so much more!

As this picture shows there are much nicer parts of the bare foot walk just like the water, which is probably the best bit! P.s. this is a very rare sight of me in a skirt...that NEVER happens!

Next thing we did was go to their cafe, Jess and I both ordered raspberry and white chocolate muffins (delicious) and a milkshake. When our order arrived it was clear these weren't just ordinary milkshakes, they were some kind of magic! Think its an understatement to say we were glad we'd had salad for lunch!

Trentham Gardens are doing some kind of find the fairies hunt at the moment. I only got photos of two wire fairies, but they are amazing.

Now for these last photos there is just an array of random shots of me and Jess featuring Trentham's amazing lake. There are some silly pictures and some nice but they're all natural, candid photos and I've decided to put them all on here for fun. And who would believe it me, the blonde, and Jess, the brunette, have been best friends for 14 years at the beginning of September!

What Jess calls her "pooing face", I don't know either?! But she is funny!

Not sure what my face is doing here, but at least it's a good photo of Jess!

My outfit:
Top: boohoo
Shirt: H&M

Jess's outfit:
Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M (not available online)
Shoes: New Look

Love El

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