Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Every Girl Loves Lipstick

Recently I received a lipstick from one of my lovely friends, I had seen her wearing a beautiful colour and had to know where it was from (only so I could steal the secret to her luscious lips!) The next day I was lucky enough to receive a lipstick from that same line from my lovely friend. This line is 17 stay pout lip colours, which is "new" according to the bright blue sticker.

I will now attempt to describe the lipsticks to you, but be warned I can't explain anything well and so there will be pictures!

When I opened the lipstick I was so excited as it is this gorgeous plumy pink colour. This lip colour is in "IT'S A KISS OFF" and what I really love is the metallic finish it has. When using this lip colour it is pigmented and creamy they are but with an amazing staying power, probably why this line is called "STAY POUT".

With flash
Without flash

After being so pleased with "IT'S A KISS OFF", I wanted to purchase the one my friend was originally wearing because that too was so beautiful. So on one of my many trips to boots I went straight for the 17 stand and was so pleasantly surprised to see they are only £4.49! I therefore had to grab the last lipstick in "MAKE AN ENTRANCE" and felt very smug. 

"MAKE AN ENTRANCE" is quite a bright red pink colour that is just beautiful, it has a lovely glossy feeling with the same amazing pigmentation, staying power and creaminess of my other lipstick. Also with these, I feel, they change under different lighting as you can see as I have taken some pictures with flash and some without.

With flash
Without flash

Overall, I love these lipsticks and recommend them to you all and I wouldn't think twice about buying more.

Love El
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