Sunday, 6 April 2014

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple

Recently I have been obsessed with the colours mint and duck egg! I have seen these colours around a lot at the moment and they have become very popular, that is why I thought it would be essential to write this blog post.

The Essie nail polishes are not ones I would usually go for as they are on the pricy side but I  am so glad I bought this one, Mint Candy Apply is £7.99 from Boots but I love it! It's a beautiful bright duck egg colour with a hint of mint therefore is perfect for this Spring. 

When applying this nail polish I was so happy to see it has amazing pigmentation with a wider application brush than most, therefore sweeping it onto your nails is a dream! I am also so glad to see that nearly a week later there is hardly any signs of wear.

Overall, Mint Candy Apple by Essie is a fantastic nail polish.

Love El

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