Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beauty Junky Purifying Mask

While being away on holiday I stumbled upon Beauty Junky's peel-off gel mask for problem skin. I always seem to have quite a few blemishes so will try anything I can to fix this, therefore had to get this face mask. Although I felt £1.80 for this mask was a little steep, I still feel this, I bought it anyway!

When trying this mask it really is just a clear, slightly green, gel. I like the gel feel to it and after those 15 minutes it dries tight and hard. On the back of the mask it says you canwask it off or peel it off, well I peeled it off and wow did it hurt!! The mask got stuck to all hairs on my face, ones I didn't know I had!!! 

I decided I would get several uses out of this mask, I have used it twice and will be able to use it a couple more times but I can't say I've seen any difference at all. I will not buy this mask again but will finish the packet. I can also say I have no idea where else you can buy these 15 minute masks from I'm afraid.

I would also like to add that I tried a face mask from Primark recently, and to my surprise it was just 99p from the brand Montagne Jeunesse. I have seen these in boots and never thought about trying one but whilst in the Primark queue saw it was so cheap and for problem skin! It has the same amount of product in the packet as Beauty Junky's. BUT with the Montagne Jeunesse mask I saw a good result in regards to my skin!

Love El

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