Monday, 15 August 2016

My Favourite Instagram Editing Apps

Instagram has been making a lot of changes to itself recently, but I will always love it as I will always adore photography.
Therefore I thought I would share my current favourite apps to edit my images on.


This app is absolutely brilliant for editing certain sections of an image.
I specifically use this to brighten certain areas of an image.
But there are honestly so many different things you can do on it, you need to get it and you will not regret it!!


Just like a lot of other people who edit their images on their phone I love Facetune.
I love Facetune for it's whiten and detail tools, whiten is brilliant for perhaps whitening a background, clothing, the whites of your eyes or maybe even your teeth! 
The details tool is one I use over the iris of the eye to make them stand out more!

iPhone Photos

If you aren't into more detailed editing of your images then look no further then the iPhone Photos app!
It has an array of filters, you can change the brightness, saturation and has a black and white feature!

Finally, I really like Instagram itself for editing my pictures.
It's very easy to use, with some brilliant filters and the lux feature which I always add to my photos.
And when clicking on the "Edit" feature, again there's an array of options to choose from; I love using brightness, contrast, structure and sharpen on my Instagram's.

What are your favourite Instagram editing apps?

Love El
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