Monday, 11 July 2016

My MAC Lipstick Collection

After wanting to do this blog post for so long I counted my MAC lipsticks to discover I had 13, which I believe is enough to warrant a MAC lipstick collection post!
I won't ramble on as there's quite a few images!!

Summer Shower - Glaze 
(Basically bought it because it looks like fairy dust!)

MLLE - Glaze 
(Really good for going on top of a lipstick to lighten it)

Hue - Glaze 
(My favourite)

Overtime - Pro Longwear

Gotta Dash! - Sheen Supreme

Velvet Teddy - Matte 
(The famous Velvet Teddy of course has to be in my collection, this and Hue are a match made in heaven!)

Imagine This - Amplified

Whirl - Matte

Stone - Matte

Rebel - Satin 
(An Autumnal favourite)

Prolong - Pro Longwear

Russian Red - Matte

Diva - Matte
(Got to love yourself a red lip or a deep red lip, hence the past three lipsticks)

Those are all of my MAC lipsticks!
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Love El
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