Monday, 6 June 2016

Investing in a Designer Bag

Now don't get me wrong I definitely don't think I'm the font of all knowledge when it comes to buying designer pieces or handbags, and I definitely haven't bought as many designer bags as others in my 20 years on this world but I did think it could be helpful if I shared the thoughts and queries I had when buying my Mulberry. If you are thinking of buying a designer bag or designer anything then these thoughts could help you.

My Thoughts:

The Price
Keep a budget in mind before buying the product.

Is the piece well made? 
Will it last forever, as with a more expensive price tag I believe it should.

Will you get enough wear out of the item or will you only wear it once and then discard it. When purchasing a designer item it needs to be a piece you will love, use or wear forever.

Your Style
Does the colour of the piece fit your normal taste?
Will it pair well with the outfits you wear?
Can it be a staple, potentially, everyday item?

Love El
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