Sunday, 1 June 2014

Is Summer Finally On It's Way?

Today here in England the weather is actually beautiful today! The sky has graced us with blue sky and a temperature of 20º degrees (according to Siri anyway).

This beautiful weather has really made me very excited for my Summer holiday to on the 19th of June! 3 weeks left of college and if I'm totally honest I'm so excited I could scream! But with the excitement of Summer holidays also brings the exciting adventures you have with your friends and family's and so I decided to have a look through last year and the year before's pictures and all I can say after looking through them is that I want to just end up on a beach somewhere with fantastic weather, which could also make for a good blog post sometime in the future.

I thought as I found these pictures that have made me excited for Summer I would share them with you and hopefully you can get even more excited too!!

This first picture is one of my favourites of me and my best friend Jess. It was taken in Bourton-on-the-Water last summer, with her gorgeous Jug dog (Pug and Jack Russell cross) called Moley. I really do love this picture!

These next few pictures are of places I have been over the last few years that were full of fun and adventure. I would 100% recommend these places to you all!

This is Longleat and there are so so many pictures I could show you but I really doubt you'd want to see them all! At Longleat there is a FANTASTIC safari park which is much better the later you go in the day because that's when all the animals come out. There is also this beautiful house which I didn't get a chance to go in because believe me when I say you need more then 1 day at Longleat! And there is so much more at Longleat then these features but you can google it because if I listed it all we'd be here all day trust me!

Now these 2 pictures were actually taken in May last year but the weather was absolutely gorgeous and so I felt the need to put them in. This is Waddeston Manor a National Trust house. The Manor itself is beautiful to look around but for summer the grounds are so big and amazing it is definitely worth a visit!

And then of course some compulsory pictures of the sea because that is the place to be in summer!!

So all these places really are where I want to be in the summer and so let's hope all together that there is going to be some fantastic weather in the UK.

Love El

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