Monday, 23 June 2014

EL, where have you been, what is going on!

Hi everyone, I am very sorry I haven't posted for a while but so much has been going on it's ridiculous! But before you think "ah excuses excuses", I am going to explain whats been happening!

So the first thing that I was preparing for to happen was my practical driving test! A fairly daunting thought but once you get started on the test it is fine, trust me! Just think of it as a normal driving lesson! But I am very happy to say that I did actually pass first time! (Cue the only picture I took which unfortunately happens to be a snapchat picture.) Also, my pink official driving license arrived 2 days ago which was a proud moment!

The next event that postponed me from writing a blog post was I got a little boy rabbit, he is a mini lop rabbit and only 9 weeks. He is extremely funny to watch and settled in quickly! If you are a rabbit owner you will know just how much time they take up and so he has been quite a handful, but looking how cute he is!

Here is my best friend Beth with him, it's safe to say they actually did like each other!

And the final thing that has been holding me up from making a post is that I finally finished my year of doing B-Tec Level 3 Theatrical and Media Makeup! I won't go into detail about the course but FINALLY I finished, it may have only been a year but the last few months dragged so much! B-Tec was such a change from last year when I did AS Levels, and lets just say if I was a bit smarter I definitely preferred AS Levels to the year I've had! There's been a whole lot of drama! But now that I am on my summer holiday I do have the intention on making many blog posts regularly from now on!

So there you have it my reasons for absence! But I will be back soon with more blog posts!

Love El
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