Monday, 6 March 2017

Inspirational Bloggers

I think it's fair to say I haven't posted for a while!
Since the 5th of November to be exact, and in all honestly I don't know how or why it happened but I am so excited to start blogging again.
There are a lot of bloggers that have made me want to start mine up again and I really wanted to share them with you so you can either find some inspiration or just find some new blogs to read!

Love Style Mindfulness

I recently fell in love with Sinead's blog and Instagram, which isn't difficult with her beautiful images and down to earth personality! Reading Sinead's posts really feels like a friend is giving you information, sharing the outfits they've wore or giving you advice, and that is something, I feel, makes a brilliant blog!


Again Jess has such beautiful images covering every blog post that it would be difficult not to feel inspired to try and capture your own amazing photos. Jess recently wrote a post all about taking her blog full time, and I remember asking Jess for advice via Twitter as I had an interview with the same company she was working with, and the response I received was so helpful and lovely. I couldn't be more pleased for her that she's been able to take her blog full time and live her dreams!

Fashion Mumblr

Josie's blog is full of helpful advice about anything from beauty and hair to advice and travel. I love reading blogs that cover so many different topics, along with fantastically written posts with beautiful imagery I think you'd find it impossible to not feel inspired when reading Josie's blog. 

Emmy's Beauty Cave

I am constantly so impressed by how frequently Emmy posts on social media and uploads blog posts, she never seems to run out of ideas and always posts fantastically unique posts full of information! Emmy has also started designing her own blog headers!

Mascara and Maltesers

I followed Annabel's little part of the internet when I first started blogging so always love going back to her blog, it feels like an old friend. Annabel took a break from blogging but has just started again and that of course made me think why did I stop?! For some fantastic, informative beauty posts you need to follow!

Krystel Couture

Jenny's blog is also another that I started following when I started blogging. Jenny frequently posts beauty and fashion posts and it is so nice to see how a certain piece can be styled up, even though we have different fashion styles I always love to see how Jenny puts together an outfit!

I think there is a clear theme throughout my inspiration, showing that frequent uploads are so important (if all of these girls can do it then why shouldn't I?!) and some beautiful imagery can really make a blog post more appealing!

Love El
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