Monday, 5 September 2016

Tips for Spending Your Money Wisely

Now I must admit, I NEVER used to spend my money wisely up until a few years ago when I suddenly thought "Ellie what are you doing, you don't need this, that or the other!" Now I don't mean I went totally over the top but I did definitely buy things I didn't need.

There are just a few things to consider when purchasing something, be it small or large, I now know how to spend my money wisely. These tips can be used when spending your money on pretty much anything, although some are primarily fashion based. 

1. The first tip that I think is very important when spending your money is to have a sensible budget in mind, and if it isn't in budget you don't need it! 

2. Do you really need it?! Can you think of at least 10 times you will: use it, wear it, carry it? (Embrace being an outfit repeater, there is no shame in it!)

3. Even if it's just a small amount money could it be saved instead of spent, and then in later life it could go towards something more important, like a house, car or savings?

4. Do you already have something that looks exactly the same or almost identical? If yes, enjoy the one you already have!

5. Are you just buying into a trend that you've seen on social media and actually your not sure if the trend is very "you" but Instagram has had it's effect on you?

6. Did your friend tell you it looked fab but actually you're not sure?! Don't buy it, go with your gut instinct because chances are you probably still won't be sure once you've made the purchase, and it was actually your friend who should have bought it.

7. Following on from the last point don't let yourself be easily influenced when purchasing anything, the money you don't spend can be put into savings and used for something more important one day, so don't let anyone influence you, it's your decision and your choice.

8. I've now come to the conclusion that I really only need some staple pieces, going on constant shopping sprees feels unnecessary to me and I'd rather have pieces I know I love and can get good wear out.

9. Will you use it/wear it a lot? The cost per wear/use will then be fantastic, even if it's an expensive piece.

10. Buy sensibly. I know that sounds like a very overall thing to say but what I mean is, just really think before buying something, you should love EVERY thing you own.

11. If you decide to buy something that you're not too sure about and bring it home, try it on and style it into the outfits you think would look great. If you're still not sure leave it till the next day when you'll have a fresh mind, and if you're still unsure; take the item back!

I'm always thinking now a days that the money I don't spend (whether a small or large amount) can go towards something important for me one day!
But of course you do deserve some treats, so still allow yourself that.

Love El
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