Monday, 16 March 2015

My Hair Care Routine & Hair History Pt. 2

Now before we get into this timeline of my hair history, I want to say prepare yourself for some very old and embarrassing images. 

We're going to start from a very young age, I always had curly, very very blonde (basically white) hair. So our first image is showing you why I was labelled "cloud head" by my family, a name I seriously did not care for.

Next up you can see my hair colour has drastically changed although there is still some serious frizz going on!

In Year 10 (aged 15) I decided I was throughly done with the dark blonde hair so went for half a head of blonde highlights. Looking back they were slightly streaky when I didn't straighten my hair but all be it the condition of my hair stayed perfect, soft and healthy.

As you can see in this image there are some slight streaks, this is my natural hair, wavy and frizzy. Also can I please be this tanned again?!

I then decided when my roots were very bad I wasn't going to get them done but I went back to my natural hair colour (aged 17). I actually really like the look of my hair here, looks so silky (and it was).

I then had "curtains" put in, don't think thats the technical term, that I actually quite liked!

And then beginning of Summer 2014 I went blonde, full head of highlights twice, far to close together leaving the condition absolutely dreadful.

And finally, an image you have seen, my healthy hair is back and I'm still blonde.  I am loving my blonde hair at the moment, although I do get bored easily, and I seriously need to get my roots done, but there will be no big changes soon!

Hope you enjoyed this timeline of pictures.
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Love El
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